For the Love of Dogs, Inc. is a non profit no-kill organization made up of volunteers who are committed to the humane treatment of puppies and adult dogs. The following three goals represent our commitment:

  1. Prevention of Cruelty to Dogs
  2. Provision of Medical Care
  3. Provision of Public Education Concerning Care of Dogs
  4. Finding a loving home
  5. Engage in Fundraising Programs
The prevention of cruelty to dogs is reflected in our efforts in rescuing stray dogs, providing humane care and treatment of dogs needing protection, seeking to return lost dogs to their owners and seeking suitable homes for dogs without owners.

Through the assistance of various veterinarians, we provide support for adult dogs to be spayed or neutered as well as receive age appropriate vacations. Information about the importance of age appropriate vaccinations, the prevention of heart worms, flea and tick protection as well socialization of dogs are common topics discussed. We also coordinate efforts to manage the medical health of dogs in need. Before placing a puppy or dog into a new home, the animal is in good health.

Creating a caring environment for dogs involves accurate information and education about the care and treatment of dogs. This is accomplished through public advertisements, newspaper articles, presentations to schools and civic groups.

In order to provide the best care possible, it is necessary to raise funds for the care of dogs. Fundraising activities are both informal and formal. Currently interested people have given donations through word of mouth and newspaper coverage. There are plans for more formal fund raising. These include a doggie golf tournament and doggie raffle.

Dogs improve our lives, lower blood pressure and stress, and increase our life expentancy. We want to do something pleasant for them.

For the Love of Dogs, Inc. is a no-kill operation and is funded by the generous support of Max and Della Fitzgerald and by donations from dog lovers like you.

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